Dent Repair in Clintwood VA


$500.00 CASH BACK  or We Pay The Deductible for the First Twenty Hail Damage Repairs.

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Paintless Dent Repair in Clintwood Va

The Hail Storm on May 5th 2018 put dents in almost every car in and around Clintwood VA.  If your car got dings in it and you have comprehensive insurance on your auto policy your insurance company will pay to repair your car.  You would be responsibe for the deductible and any normal body shop but at Affordable Hail Repair we will Pay Your Deductible if your car qualifies and you are willing to give us a testamonial when the repair is completed and the dents are completely gone.  

Experienced in Paintless Dent Repair type Body Shop Repairs for over 22 years.

We are originally from Kingsport TN and Started our paintless dent and hail damage repair business in 1995.  Our family is from Duffield VA and we repair many hail damaged cars there with raving testimonials from the huge hail storm that took place in 2014.  We now live in Asheville NC but are always happy to come back to our home region to help the members of the community get their hail damaged cars repaired with absolutely no money out of pocket.

Call us now to be approved over the phone for our NO DEDUCTIBLE HAIL REPAIR PROGRAM.

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