$500.00 CASH BACK  or We Pay The Deductible for the First Twenty Hail Damage Repairs.

We Currently Have Hail Removal/Dent Repair locations in

Johnson City TN – Jonesborough TN – Kingsport TN

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Paintless Dent Repair can save you hundres now and save your cars value!

We are hail damage professionals.  The fine art of paintless dent repair from a skilled dent removal technition in in the Auto Body Shop business can get your car or trucks hail dents repaired and save your factory paint.

Why Is A Regular Body Shop Not The Best Choice. for Hail Damage.

Regular local body shops are not trained in Paintless Dent Repair ESPECIALLY challenging repairs like extreme hail damage.  The local body shops repair your Hail Damaged car or truck by one of two methods.

1.  The Sub Out The Work to a company just like us and they keep part of the money.  This is ok and how business is done in the body shop business BUT if your damage is severe it can cost you thousands of dollars in DIMINISHED VALUE of your vehicle.  If the body shop takes a large cut of the money the pdr (paintless dent repair) tech doing the repair can’t spend as much time as we do so he is likely to let the body shop cut of and replace your top so he can move on to more profitable panels.  If your roof is skinned it should ONLY be because you have stretched metal (oil canned dents) and it is literally impossible to repair it and keep the factory parts and factory paint.

2.  A local Collision Repair shop may want to repair your hail damage the old fashioned way with replacing some panels and using some type of filler like Bondo on the other dents and repainting your entire car.  This type of repair destroys the value of your car even if they do a great job.  it will be seen as a wrecked car the rest of its life when you lose all of your factory finish.  Here at Affordable Hail Repair we ACTUALLY REMOVE YOUR DENTS.  Your factory finish will not be removed but your hail dents will.