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*Legal Zero Deductible for all Melbourne, Cocoa and Merrit Island Hail Damage PLUS possible CASH BACK.

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Dent Repair Cocoa, Melbourne FL – Hail Damage Experts

Save HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS in Some Cases – Call Now.

Dent repair Cocoa FL has 22 years experience in the Paintless Dent Repair industry repairing thousands of hail damage cars all over America. We have set up shop to service the community damaged by the hailstorm on May 11, 2018. We offer *LEGAL ZERO DEDUCTIBLES on HAIL DAMAGED cars that qualify. Most cars can be qualified over the telephone just simply call us about the dents in your vehicle it will tell you if your car qualifies to save your deductible and possibly put cash in your pocket.

When your car has hundreds or thousands of tiny dents from the hailstorm that happened you can get your dent repair done at a body shop BUT most body shop to want to repaint your car and use fillers like Bondo while replacing panels that don’t actually have to be replaced. If they do offer PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR they are simply the middleman taking a huge cut of the profit and making the technician that repairs your car get paid usually about half the value of the repair. This forces that technician that does paintless dent repair to work at a faster pace and give less attention to quality. With an independent company like Affordable hail repair who will actually take the time to do the repair perfectly. We also repair many hoods and trunks leaving your factory parts and paint warranty is intact. A body shop would want to replace it simply for the ease and speed replacing versus repairing with paint was dent repair.


There is no doubt that a Hailstorm as big as the one affecting Rawlings Wyoming that the body shop will quickly become backed up. Sometimes body shops get backed up at catastrophe hailstorms for a year or more. One of many good things about Affordable Hail Repair is that we are Paintless dent Repair hail damage experts . We can get your repair completed quickly and we give a satisfaction guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty. Many hail repairs can be done within one week of the time we first talk to you and lots of actual repairs can be completed in 24 hours from the time you drop off your vehicle.

Experienced in Paintless Dent Repair type Body Shop Repairs for over 22 years.


We have been repairing hail damage dent repair in body shops, new car dealers and private Direct To The Public Retail Locations since 1995

Call us now to be approved over the phone for our NO DEDUCTIBLE HAIL REPAIR PROGRAM.

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